The A-Z of online roulette?

How to play online roulette and earn big money? Read it all here in this guide.

While there are several online roulette sites, the one that is truly outstanding is . It has an excellent selection of games, is safe and makes timely payments . This casino site is helpful and resolves all the problems of its players in time. You can check this site's credibility on various online review sites. If you haven't created your account yet, now is the time to do it.


Wide selection of games

Pick an online roulette site that offers several game variations. Broadly, this game has two versions- American and European. The former version has two slots for 0 and 00 and has a higher house edge. In European roulette, there is no slot for 00, it has 37 slots ( 0, and 1-36). Odds vary on both these versions significantly, and many players prefer European Roulette.

  • Roulette is a table based game, is fast paced and can pay big money
  • Players lay bets on that section on which the ball will land.

There is another version of roulette and that is French Roulette. In this version, you will find fewer betting options than the other two. You can lay the same bet on different roulette wheels simultaneously. Look out for Multiwheel roulette online casinos where you can place multi bets. Check out for live roulette sites where you can play against a live dealer through your computer.

Casinos with live roulette

If you have been missing your land based casino for sometime, it is time you looked up at a live roulette casino. Here, you play against a live dealer who drops the ball on a revolving wheel. But this interaction helps through your computer and internet connection. Not every casino has the same quality of live roulette. Look for a casino that has Evolution Gaming.

Evolution is a leading provider of live roulette products and is known for excellent camera positioning, special effects and fun quotient. Some live casinos beam out live roulette tournaments such as the Double Ball that is telecast from Malta and London simultaneously. This tournament is meant for professionals and high rollers. Before you sign up, look out for your casino's licence.

Online casinos and bonuses

Seek out casinos that offer a wide range of bonuses. Most casinos offer Signup bonuses to players signing up for the first time. A signup bonus could be a Deposit or No Deposit Bonus. Deposit bonuses are awarded when you make the first deposit with your online casino. Often, your casino would match that deposit 100% but only up to a limit.

No Deposit Bonuses can be awarded to players who don't make any deposit. Loyal players often receive Reload Bonuses when they renew their casino accounts. High Roller players can expect to get special bonuses from their online casinos. Use these bonuses to bet more and higher amounts of money. These bonuses are often accompanied by a few terms and conditions set by your online casino.

  • High Rollers are players who lay high bets.
  • Players who make high deposits may also receive bonuses.

Online casinos and responsible gaming

Open your account with casinos that encourage responsible gaming behaviour. This means your online casino must promote safe and healthy gambling. For instance, it should not allow any minor from opening his or her gambling account on that casino's platform. Secondly, this casino should allow itself to be blocked when the player thinks he is becoming addicted. Thirdly, no casino must allow illegal activities such as money laundering.

Responsible casino always have licences and other certifications from gambling regulators. Having these documents means the casino is trustworthy, all its games are fair and they can't be rigged. Licenced casinos are always preferred over those who don't have licenses. You can view your casino's certificate in the bottom area of its home page. Open your account with licensed casinos only.

  • Getting licenses is difficult
  • If a casino doesn't follow certain rules, it can get banned
  • Licenced casinos make timely payments

Privacy Policy and Customer Support

You should choose an online casino that has excellent and responsive customer support. For example, you might face problems creating your account in a casino or understanding how roulette is played. A great casino will always help you by having a Live Chat window. You can drop your query in this window and get your problem resolved. Else, you can send an email.

Good online casinos also have a great Frequently Answered Questions section which contain answers to all the common questions. Choose a casino that treats your personal information responsibly and doesn't misuse it. All great online casinos always collect information with the due permission from the players. They also don't share player data with third parties like social media platforms and marketing organizations.

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